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Amish Country
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The Westby Area has the largest settlement of Amish in Wisconsin. Visit Amish farms to find an assortment of goods including furniture, perennials, plants, bakery goods and maple syrup. No sales on Sundays and most Thursdays.

Down A Country Road, deep in the heart of scenic West Central Wisconsin,
lies a quiet community known to the local folks as Amish Country USA.

Down a Country Road offers tours that take you back in time to a quieter, simpler way of life, where a buggy and colorful quilts airing on a clothesline are not
uncommon sights.

The Amish began to settle in this area in 1966, and have rapidly grown in
population in the midst of modern life.

Beyond the images of horse and buggy and plain clothing, lies a rich and complex way of life.

Tour Amish Homes & Businesses: Friend of the Amish, Larry Sebranek, will lead you on a tour of Amish homes & businesses in Vernon & Monroe Counties. Call 24 hours in advance for reservations, no Sunday tours.