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Country Coon Prairie Church
Country Coon Prairie Church in 1920s
Coon Prairie congregation in 1925 elected a committee to prepare a congregational history for its 75th anniversary which will be held the 14th-21st of August 1927.

This same committee presents now to the congregation and the public this history. We do it cheerfully. For we have had help of a well-known historical author. The task was large and worthy of being done well. We turned early to Hjalmar Rued Holand. After brief consideration he promised on the committee’s behalf to write the Coon Prairie history. This has been a work of love. His interest in the congregation’s and the settlement’s history has gladdened us since this has been a matter on invaluable benefit. This historical information which had to be found has under his hand received a worthy, courteous and interesting presentation. He has given advice and guidance from first to last. We bring him our warmest thanks.

To the old Coon Prairie pioneer’s descendants, both far and near, we also owe great thanks for their help and support. They have willingly and amiably furnished us biographical and other information about parents, and loaned us valuable photographs for this work. We have thereby been able to give a fairly complete biographical list of the settlement’s immigrants from 1848 to about the Civil War’s end. Especially we thank the sisters Olette, Thea and Ragna Gullord for their untiring effort to prepare the 350 biographies.

The little work we as a committee had to do we will all remember with gladness. It has been for a good cause. The object has been to honor, under God, Coon Prairie congregation’s founders and fathers as well as the settlement’s pioneers. Honor be to the old fathers and mothers! Their accomplishments live in their descendants! — On the committee’s behalf, — J.O. Holum

Excerpt taken from Coon Prairie Churches by Hjalmar R. Holand

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