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Country Coon Prairie Church
Country Coon Prairie Church
Come visit this Nationally Registered Historical Site!

Country Coon Prairie is used today for funerals, weddings and as a meeting place for groups from Norway. A polka fest is held here during Syttende Mai. Lorin Lindveig from northern Minnesota comes each year to play the accordion. There is seating room for 400 people including the balcony. The committee was not able to have an elevator installed during the renovation because of the structure of the building. During the summer months, Saturday service is held at 7:30 pm. Christmas Service was held for the first time in over 60 years on December 24, 2005.

The roof, heating system, air conditioning and entire interior has been remodeled. Over $300,000 was raised for this restoration. The majority of the money came from descendants of those buried in the three section cemetery. Committee members hope to raise another $100,000 within the next ten years so that the cost of upkeep does not burden the Westby Coon Prairie congregation.

Elaine Lund, 2006 president talks about how it was a “thrill to see it work! This was done not only for the church but also for the Westby Area. Every day we were working on it, people would come to visit different gravestones and the church.”