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Evelyn began painting on mirrors and selling them in 1951.There is one in a show case at the Snowflake building in Timber Coulee. It is now 55 years old. Mirror painting turned into sign lettering in 1954, along with lettering trucks and store windows. There were three barns with a design and lettering, one remains south of town. The Old Town Ranch with a horse design, done 48 years ago, 1958. From 1956 to 1960 there were 58 trucks and 423 signs lettered. To learn more click here!

Nisse's Story:

The American/Norwegian Nisse is the happy go lucky type and not a gloomy gus. Two of these happy guys graced each sign and still do on the new signs today 38 years later, repainted but never replaced. The Nisse was cutout of three quarter inch marine plywood. Many business places had one or two designed for their store. Jim Weber jewelry store had one holding up a rather large diamond, David Vossetieg Furniture had the largest display with two Nisse, a house, tree, two Nisse carrying a sofa and a little dog running along.

The public library had the first girl Nisse, she was scolding the boy Nisse for dropping his books. Then, Farmers Union, had the largest ones ever made. One eight foot Nisse carrying a feed sack and a seven foot one with an oil can. Eric Leum’s store had a flute player. The Westby Beauty shop had a boy and girl Nisse. There were four painted on the wall down stairs at the American Legion. A large mural painted in what was then Flugstad’s Hardware, now Dregne’s Scandinavian Gifts, it is still there along with more paintings of Nisse on the gift shop cupboard doors, done later.

Since most of this was done in 1969 to the mid seventies the others have all gone by the wayside by this time. A copyright on the Nisse was applied for and granted in 1969. There are now seven federal copyrights on Ole the Nisse. With people wanting to send him to their friends and relatives in many states and even overseas a copy right is necessary.

Nisse get lonely too, so Ole found himself a wife. They have a boy and a girl and a troll they adopted, plus a dog and a cat. The Trollsons's can be seen on the front page of The Westby Times every week. Being very civic minded they participate and remind everyone of things going on in the community. Evelyn also likes to paint on canvas, doing wildlife and other scenes. She also does Rosmaling on wooden plates and design work besides doing the bulletin cover for her church for the past 12 years

Nisse comic strip from 6-23-05